Online Registration
Type of Registrant
Select the role that best describes you (or the registrant) from the following list of user types:
About User Types
Single Attorney For an individual attorney or an assistant registering on behalf of an attorney.
Allows for immediate registration and scheduling. New Feature!
Bulk Attorney For multiple attorneys or attorney assistants registering on behalf of an attorney.
Assistants (Coming soon) For legal assistants (access to attorney profiles must be authorized by the individual attorney)
Firm Administrator For Office/Accounting Managers only. Note: this type of registration does not offer any scheduling options.
Self-Represented / Clients For non-attorneys appearing in propria persona (representing yourself) or if you are a client scheduling your own CourtCall Appearance.
(Legal Assistants see ‘Attorney’
options above)
Non-Attorney participants appearing on behalf of a firm e.g. media representatives, financial analysts, etc.  Attorney’s assistants should not use this form.
If you are not sure how to proceed, please call (888) 882-6878 for assistance.